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I began manufacturing fixed blade knives in August 2007 by first setting up my own workshop at home.

Being very meticulous and a stickler for detail and perfection, I soon found that my love for working with my hands and my quest for perfection could be lived out with this new found hobby. After attending my first KGSA (Knifemakers’ Guild of Southern Africa) show in September 2007, I realised that I was hooked to knife making for life.

I was initially schooled and trained by my brother and in September 2007 attended his first course in the basic techniques of fixed blade knife making.

With a well established workshop, all knives are made to perfection using the best available materials. My aim and objective is to produce high quality knives for valued customers.

My ultimate goal was to become a member of the Knifemakers’ Guild of Southern Africa (KGSA) and this was achieved in May 2009 when I was proudly accepted into membership.

I attend two knife shows yearly, i.e. the Atlanta Blade Show held in June and the Knifemakers’ Guild of Southern Africa Show in September, where my knives are exhibited and offered for sale.